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[Video] Trafalgar Exceeds CPA Goal with Programmatic Direct Mail

We visited the Trafalgar offices over a year ago and sat down with Rita Kelly, VP of Marketing and Communications. We discussed how they incorporated Programmatic Direct Mail into their marketing mix to identify high-value customers and drive sales. 

Trafalgar, one of 42 award-winning travel brands, under The Travel Corporation is the world’s most awarded travel brand. They are dedicated to helping consumers fulfill their travel dreams and create the greatest travel stories they’ll ever tell across seven continents.

Trafalgar’s goals

Trafalgar had two objectives with their campaign. They wanted to drive net-new requests for quotes and bookings. And they wanted to achieve a $150 CPA — and they later reported that they exceeded their CPA goal by 3x.

To achieve their goals, Trafalgar used Retargeting powered by the PebblePost Platform. This helped them engage with prospects that had previously expressed interest in booking a vacation or requesting a quote.

Watch the video below or read the transcript to learn more about how they achieved and surpassed their goals.

Rita Kelly (RK): My name is Rita Kelly. I’m the VP of Marketing and Communications at Trafalgar. I heard about PebblePost when one of our employees came back from a conference. It was a digital conference and she was really excited and thought it would be something interesting to implement.

RK: We have thousands of users that come to our site every month and we’ve been able to bridge the gap between online and offline activity. With this offline activity — with PebblePost specifically — we’re actually tracking a lot better than our digital programmatic activity.

RK: To be quite honest with you it shocked us [with how well it performed] and so we continued the partnership.

RK: Would I recommend PebblePost? Yes, I am actually recommending PebblePost to the various sister brands of The Travel Corporation and everybody’s excited to be onboard.

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