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Creative Examples for Reaching Mother’s Day 2024 Shoppers

Mother’s Day retail spending is forecasted to hit $33.5 billion this year, according to the annual consumer survey released late last month by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. This marks the second-highest figure in the survey’s history, following the $35.7 billion record set in 2023. 

With another record year of shoppers, brands must continue reaching and engaging consumers who intend to purchase via online and offline marketing tactics. By blending digital and physical media through Programmatic Direct Mail, you can connect with consumers who are most likely to convert while decreasing competition for their attention.

Since jewelry will represent the top gift category with $7 billion in spending this year, we’re sharing some of our favorite jewelry brand PDM postcards so consumers can make the best selection for the ladies in their lives—or themselves.

1. Be Inclusive

We know the nuclear family is no longer the norm in the US. Many households might include blended families, step-parents, and other arrangements. As such, the NRF data shows that 59% of those consumers who celebrate Mother’s Day shop specifically for either a mother or a stepmother, followed by a wife (22%) or daughter (12%).

That’s why we like this postcard by Merjuri, which mentions explicitly celebrating the “mom or mom-figure” in your life. The message, “Moms, we see you,” speaks to the varied forms of motherhood, whether it’s a biological, step-, adoptive, or foster mother. In addition to being inclusive, Merjuri shares its commitment to sustainability when making jewelry. We also applaud the obvious offer details on the back.

Mother's day sale

2. Be Edgy

It’s not often you see a pregnant model in a jewelry ad, but that’s precisely the approach Michael Kors took in this postcard. And what better way to market a gift to moms than to show a mom-to-be? But we love that this isn’t your typical maternity photo shoot setup—it’s a mom in a men’s dress shirt with her belly fully out and jeans unbuttoned, which makes it even more attention-grabbing.

The brand adds to the envelope-pushing aura by borrowing a line spoken by Amy Poehler’s character—Regina George’s mom—in the original Mean Girls movie and then displaying a gorgeous watch on a child’s toy: a balloon dog. 

3. Be Straightforward

Over half (53%) of all women polled by OnePoll on behalf of Mejuri said they’d bought themselves a Mother’s Day gift in the past. That means that your brand needs to figure out how to appeal to romantic partners, children, extended family, and others who might purchase Mother’s Day gifts in addition to moms themselves. 

This postcard by Blue Nile delivers on that front. The image of the woman and child conveys that the $100 off deal could very well be for the gift recipient or the giver, empowering moms to ask for or buy what they want.

4. Be Dualistic

While it might sound counterintuitive, Mother’s Day can be a time for women to remind themselves of who they were before having children. A 2023 poll of 2,000 moms commissioned by LEGO Group and Moonpig and conducted by OnePoll found that 58% of moms want free time and to be able to “drop everything” on Mother’s Day.

James Allen highlights this duality by juxtaposing a child’s macaroni art with a diamond necklace. It strips back the “mom” layer to speak to the woman behind it all, yet it still captures her role as caregiver. 

If you’re a mother-lover, take a page from these postcard examples for your Mother’s Day campaigns and head back to our blog to see other creative examples that truly bring PDM to life.

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