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[Video] Haven Life Drives New Customer Sign-Ups with Programmatic Direct Mail®

We visited the Haven Life offices last year and sat down with Matt Meyers, Head of Customer Acquisition. We wanted to learn how they incorporated Programmatic Direct Mail® into their marketing mix to identify high-value customers and drive sales and new customer sign-ups. 

Haven Life Insurance Agency, LLC is a life insurance startup, backed and wholly owned by MassMutual. It offers a simple online experience for buying high-quality and affordable term life insurance. 

Haven Life doesn’t have live agents to help nurture leads. So the brand requires a robust remarketing strategy to continue to drive new customer sign-ups who are interested Millennial applicants down the funnel.

The company has been reaching and exceeding its goals with Programmatic Direct Mail® since 2016. Pebble Post is proud to serve as Haven Life’s best performing remarketing channel for CPA. 

Watch the video below or read the transcript that follows to learn how they achieved and surpassed their goals.


Matt Meyers: Hi, this is Matt Meyers. I’m the Head of Customer Acquisition at Haven Life, a life insurance agency that’s a wholly owned and backed subsidiary of MassMutual.

MM: Our goal is to serve the segment of the population that wants to purchase an important financial product like term life insurance in a completely online digital self-guided way.

MM: We don’t have a call center, we don’t have agents — we don’t have any follow-up [beyond] email. We were driving a great volume of traffic and leads into the business, but we didn’t have a consistent way outside of email to try and follow up with that person.

MM: It really helps you know to have something tangible to reinforce that message and have [customers] come back because we’re not a spur of the moment purchase. People don’t go, “Oh, life insurance, let’s buy it right now!” 

MM: [Instead] People are going, “Hey, you know I need to think about this and see if it fits my budget, see if it fits my lifestyle, etc.” but then [they] have that nice piece of Haven Life mail in [their] mailbox.

MM: If you think about two things on digital retargeting — You have at most 40–45% viewability, so 60% of the ads you’re paying for are never getting seen. Our core customers may have ad blockers on or could be on the wrong device. There’s no proper cross-device tracking — whatever it might be.

MM: At the end of the day the cost per piece is way worth it for us to get an actual piece of tangible mail in a person’s mailbox than to waste those impressions on digital remarketing. Sending marketing mail home makes a lot of sense for us. A lot of it is trying to cut through the clutter of traditional digital channels, and it’s always going to be an important part of our marketing mix.

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