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It’s Moving Season! How to Capitalize on New Movers with PDM 

The average American will move about 11 to 12 times in their lifetime. About 25.6 million people moved in 2023, and roughly 29% plan to move this year. We’re about to enter the prime moving season, April through September, which provides better weather and helps parents transfer their kids to new schools before the next academic year.

There are many benefits to marketing to new movers for brands. Residents must purchase various products and services for their new homes and create local relationships in a tighter time period. According to a study from the National Association of Home Builders, homeowners spend an average of almost $10,000 on furniture, appliances, home repairs, and a range of other services in the first year after buying a new home. Because they are new to the area, movers will likely try out new brands and services like yours—and spend more with you.

What better way to market to these new residents than with a precisely targeted, visually appealing piece of Programmatic Direct Mail delivered to their new mailbox?

New to Town = New to Your Brand

Think of the last time you moved and all of the new services and items you needed to purchase. Things like:

  • Cleaning
  • Furniture 
  • Appliances
  • Cable and Internet services
  • Home security 
  • Painters 
  • Cafes and restaurants 
  • Gyms and fitness facilities 
  • Childcare facilities 
  • Hair salons 
  • Pet care
  • Medical offices
  • Automotive repair shops

And the list goes on.

Many people research all of the above and more before they move to get a headstart on setting up new services and acclimating to their new location. This means they generate online intent signals that brands like yours can use to target them with relevant offers. 

PDM is the perfect medium for reaching these new movers because it combines these digital data points with household addresses. Your brand can match the online browser to the physical homeowner and deliver highly targeted direct mail based on what they’re researching. The very nature of PDM makes it personalized and relevant for a new mover audience likely overwhelmed with choice. 

The offer you include in your postcard must be worth it. New movers are spending a lot on new items and services for their homes, not to mention whatever they spent on the relocation itself. So, instead of a $5 off coupon, consider a free or trial month of a specific service or a BOGO offer for an item or a meal at a local shop. While this adds up to an extra expense for your brand, it could also translate to repeat purchases and long-term loyalty. And you really can’t put a price tag on that.

The Mailbox Takes on a New Meaning

Given that most people who move set up mail forwarding to get critical communications at the correct address, new residents will likely carefully sift through their mail in the first few weeks after their move—meaning they’ll actually look at your postcard.   

Brands can take advantage of a chance to send a direct mail piece welcoming new residents to town with a call to action that drives online conversion or a physical store visit. Direct mail helps you stand out from competing brands looking to stake their claim on a new property owner but that might be using “noisier” strategies such as digital or social media ads. 

There’s also an attractive omnichannel component: 60 million people across 43 million households use the USPS’s Informed Delivery Service, which sends daily emails showing scanned images of the exterior of physical mail pieces.  Informed Delivery campaigns generate over 5.8 billion impressions, and the service’s Daily Digest emails have an average open rate of 63%, three times the industry average. 

Tying PDM to Informed Delivery campaigns—which are free, by the way—allows brands to reach a large population of highly engaged customers. When those customers are new residents, they could get a head start on researching your brand before getting your offer in their mailbox. New movers can immediately take action on their mail piece, regardless of whether they retrieve mail from the physical mailbox, enabling your brand to see results faster.

The PebblePost Advantage

While reaching new movers with direct mail isn’t new, PebblePost is excited to take this tried and true approach to the next level by announcing the Beta Program for our Optimized New Movers Audience. 

The result: greater efficiency and performance. Brand partners participating in the Beta Program have seen up to 25X iROAS. 

Why? Unlike traditional campaigns that target mass new mover audiences, Optimized New Movers uses first-party data from 500+ brands and billions of real-time intent signals to refine the total universe of new movers down to those who share the attributes and behaviors with your best customers and have active purchase intent.

The Optimized New Movers Audience Beta Program includes:

  • Intelligent Audience Creation: Optimize the total new mover audience (refreshed weekly) based on first-party customer data and real-time intent data so you can maximize your ROAS. 
  • Closed-Loop Measurement: Leverage transaction match data to understand what’s working and why in real-time, regardless of point of sale, with closed-loop performance and lift measurement.
  • Personalized Creative: Drive new movers in-store by dynamically printing postcard creative with each recipient’s nearest store location address. 

Ready to include New Movers into your marketing strategies today? Reach out to learn more about PebblePost’s Optimized New Mover Beta program!

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