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New Reporting Suite Enhancements: Deeper, Earlier Insights into Your Marketing Programs 

The deprecation of third-party cookies and dynamic shifts in consumer behavior have made it increasingly difficult for leading brands to drive and measure incremental reach and performance continuously. In fact, almost all (99%) of CMOs and brand managers surveyed last year by research firm Brand Keys say that return on investment or return on marketing investment keeps them up at night.

Enter: PebblePost. 

Our unique performance and lift measurement capabilities, powered by our automated transaction-match process, work across all points of sale, not just digital, to give marketers a more holistic view of Programmatic Direct Mail campaign performance. And now, we’ve enhanced the PebblePost Platform’s Reporting Suite to help marketers glean insights into performance earlier, delve into the metrics that matter most, and easily keep all key stakeholders informed. 

Read on to learn what’s new in the platform.

Earlier Attribution Curve Insights

Thanks to PDM’s lasting impression of 2.5 weeks, a brand can stay at the forefront of decision-ready consumers’ minds for longer. This also means marketers must shift their thinking when measuring PDM vs. digital channels. Compared to digital channel attribution windows, which are typically 15 to 30 days, the standard PDM attribution window can last up to 60 days.

As a result, our Attribution Curve feature arms marketers with insights earlier. It visualizes performance at each stage of a PDM campaign, so brands get results much sooner and can monitor how their current campaign trends compare to previous ones. This can help marketers project campaign performance for any KPI, including ROAS, CPA, conversion rate, iROAS, and iCPA, ahead of full attribution.

Custom Reports for Incrementality and Lift 

According to Google, “Incrementality testing has become the industry’s gold standard for understanding advertising’s true impact in a privacy-first way.”

PebblePost’s Custom Reports already provide a wide range of options and data filters that enable marketers to extract actionable insights. We’re now expanding this tool to include incrementality and lift metrics that help answer the question, “How do we know these consumers wouldn’t have converted anyway?” By creating tailored incrementality and lift reports aligned with their unique goals and KPIs, aggregated across different campaigns, products, creatives, and more, marketers can understand what exactly drives performance and why.

Consolidated Report Scheduling

According to PwC, 45% of CMOs say demonstrating return on investment is their top priority. However, we know this is far from easy, especially with all the changes happening in the digital advertising industry around targeting and measurement. 

So, we’re launching a Report Scheduling feature so marketers can consolidate multiple reports and send them to any team member at their brand on a specified cadence. This makes keeping all key stakeholders in the loop on PDM program performance easier. Allie Wooster, channel manager, programmatic and affiliates at brand BBQGuys, calls this a top feature on our platform. 

“One of my favorite parts about PebblePost is the reporting dashboard,” she said during a recent panel at eTail West. “I am in there daily to check sends and revenue. It allows me to have accurate information for my leadership and forecasts.”

Deeper Dashboard Customizations

PebblePost’s Reporting Dashboard gives marketers access to at-a-glance insights and out-of-the-box conversion rate lift in a completely automated interface. 

With new dashboard customizations, marketers can now drill down into the KPIs that matter most to them. New features include timeline comparisons, which enable marketers to compare data from a specific time range with other data from a previous period. For example, brands can measure Black Friday/Cyber Monday performance year over year. They can also filter the dashboard by campaigns, creatives, flights, or strategies for a more granular view of topline metrics.

We’d love your feedback! 

Excited as we are? Log into our platformto try out these updated features for yourself. We always strive to deliver the solutions and capabilities you need to achieve your goals as a brand, so we always welcome your feedback.

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